600 yard, 3 target benchrest match.  Rifles will be centerfire single shot.  No rifle will be used that cannot be used in a single load and shot manner.  Most rifles will be custom made for use in long range competition.  Shooters will compete in both group and score. In general, the IBS 600 yard rules apply.

Shooters will provide their own rifle(s), ammunition, front and rear rifle rests, cleaning supplies in needed, and any other incidentals.

No shooting will take place prior to 8 AM.  Generally, all competitors will have an opportunity to take a few practice shots at steel plates to confirm they are "on target."  Actual competition will start approximately 9 AM.  Shooting will take place rain or shine except for fog delays or if lightening would present a danger to the target crew.  Most of the time competitions will be concluded by about 12 noon.

Check the calendar for upcoming shoots.

Learn more at https://www.accurateshooter.com