The Buffalo Shoot was started by the Cowboys to use our long range rifles. It has grown into a versatile shoot of pistol caliber, lever actions and .22 rimfire. It is rifles only, original period or reproduction with an external hammer. We shoot at all steel targets on the Main Range. The Single Shot Long and Single Shot Scope are 38/55 or larger caliber. Sharps, 1885, R Block Pistol Caliber can be lever gun or single shot. .22 Rimfire can be lever gun or single shot; usually Winchester, Marlin or Stevens. Distances for Long Range will be 109-235 yds. Pistol caliber is 50-100 yds, with long range Pistol caliber at 50-219 yds. .22 Rimfire is 25-100 yds, long range .22 will shoot to 200 meters. All classes are shot from cross sticks and pistol caliber and .22 rimfire have the closest targets off hand. All bullets must be cast!