Revere’s Riders periodically host various shooting clinics at Tusco. These events will cover the fundamentals of field rifle marksmanship in the shooting positions of standing, seated/kneeling and prone, steady hold factors, the six steps to firing a shot, natural point of aim, and much more.

During breaks, instructors will share stories from our founding on April 19, 1775 to remind everyone how important the American Rifleman/Riflewomen tradition was to our founding and still is relevant today to secure our liberties. Hear about Paul Revere’s ride, the exploits of Samuel Whitemore, Hezekiah Wyman, and others on that special day.

Revere’s Riders are a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization that teaches marksmanship, history, and civic engagement. Don’t have a gun for you or your guest? No problem! Thanks to the NRA Foundation, we have loaner equipment that is waiting for you to learn on! All are welcome (ladies, youth, physically challenged) and you are encouraged to attend!

Revere’s Riders offers a 50% discount to Tusco members. To sign up for an event, go to: In the list of events, events held at Tusco are listed as “Midvale, Ohio.”

If you have questions or any problems signing up, contact Steve Branam (Tusco member contact for RR) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text to 614-562-8321.