300 Meter Main Range

This Main range is the widest of the ranges on the facility. It is used for high power rifle, black powder cartridge matches, cowboy rifle matches, smallbore rifle silhouette and IHMSA handgun silhouette. It is 300 meters deep and the covered firing line 100 yards wide.


Permissible firearms

  • Rimfire and centerfire rifles and pistols only
No 50 cal. BMG and No full auto permitted

Approved targets

  • Paper targets only on existing target frames
  • Paper targets on wood, plastic or metal frame target stands at least 12 inches above ground level is permissible at 50 and 100 yards with acceptable backstop sufficient to prevent damage to other equipment or structures
  • Firing on metal sideline sighter targets permitted with pistol and lead rifle bullets only
All brass to be cleaned up and targets to be disposed of