Women On Target 2017

The mission of Women on Target is to create opportunities, encourage, educate and mentor women’s responsible participation in recreational shooting.


Tusco Rifle Club, 2132 Midvale Mine Road, Midvale, OH 44653

September 9, 2017

Hands-on clinic for new and beginning women shooters covering safety and shooting fundamentals

with pistol, rifle, shotgun instruction and more.

This event is made possible by Tusco Rifle Club and grants from the 

Dover-New Phila Friends of the NRA & and the Holmes County Friends of the NRA

         Once again we had beautiful fall weather and a fantastic day on the range. 76 ladies attended this year's clinic and learned gun safety first then were given a chance to shoot a variety of firearms along with archery on 5 different ranges. The 75+ instructors & helpers did an amazing job teaching, coaching and keeping everyone safe on the range!

       Here are a few comments from our attendees: "Awesome!", "Great job!", "Fantastic!", "Thank you to all the volunteers for their time & knowledge!", "Loved everything about this event!", "Today was amazing!", "Great, fun, educational & extremely informative day!", "Outstanding in all aspects", "Much wider range of activities than I expected", "I learned so much & had a blast!", "I loved how friendly & helpful everyone was!", "experienced a lot of new firearms", "Super Itinerary", "lunch was great & the free items appreciated!", "Appreciated this wonderful experience", "Well run with good, encouraging & enthusiastic teachers", "Thank you for the donated use of all the different guns!", "Excellent program!", "The guys at the sub-gun range were AWESOME!", "I really enjoyed the archery!", "LOVED the VICKERS!!", "Out of this world experience plus a privilege to shoot so many varieties...thank you for so many once in a lifetime opportunities!"

       Our Clinic this year would not have been possible without the substantial funding from THE NRA FOUNDATION through grants from the Dover-New Phila Friends of the NRA! Donations & contributions were gratefully received as well from: Tusco Rifle Club, All American Outdoors, Buckeye Firearms Association, Cabela’s, Dawsons, Fin, Feather, Fur Outfitters, Gun Goddess, Hidden Hybrid Holsters, Kames Sports, Miller’s Gun, Ohio Armament, Pam Legg, Paul Diegmiller, Sierra Bullets, The Well-Armed Woman, Tina Wisse, TuscValley Practical Firearms Training & Valley Gun!

       We would like to thank our Many Exceptional Volunteers who gave of their time and resources to make our clinic a safe & educational experience that the ladies will not soon forget: Dan Adams, Derek (Colt) Albright, Hunter Albright, Christine Andrews, Anne Baker, Ben Baker, Jenny Bargar, Kevin Brooks, Joe Bosio, John Bosio, Lynn Bosio, Sarah Bosio, Tom Brewer, Sam Brewer, Ray Brumme, Grace Burton, Jennifer Carter, Jon Carter, Holly Carter, Rebecca Carter, Ron Carpenter, "Chubz", Jane Clay, John Craig, Paul Diegmiller, Doug Dillon, Jim Eichel, Sonja Eichel, Greg Fisher, Christina Furney, Jerry Garvey, Vonda Garvey, Roger Graham, Duane Green, Mike Grove, Carol Hanks, Claude Hanks, Bill Hawkins, Henning Henriksen, Carrie Hoffman, Jane Hoover, Tara Ireland, Tom James, Brian John, Tom Kaderly, Bill Kemphfer, Candice Kocsis, Derek Kocsis, Jeremiah Kocsis, Steven Kocsis, Matt Lampe, Robert Lampe, Peggy Lawver, Rick Lawver, Steve M, Pete McCarron, Patrick Moody, "Moose", John Parson, Ken Pflugh, Jim Phelps, Barry Pinkerton, Brian Pinkerton, Bonny Pitt, Chris Pitt, David Reese, Scott Reynolds, Paul Rosenberry, Brian Rossow, Nancy Scaffidi, Pete Schandel, Bob Scofield, Marilyne Shanks, Wayne Shanks, Ed Skerness, Charlie Steving, Bill Tinlin, Susan Tinlin, Mel Underwood, Jim Utter, Tina Wisse & Ryan Yoss ~ we hope to see you again in 2018!

A BIG thank you to Paul Rosenberry & Candice Anderson for capturing the wonderful pictures!